Cost effective ‘big business’ internet solutions for small business!

Who are Zoommm?

Zoommm are a Brisbane based internet developer with twenty three years industry experience.

We are a small team who can offer solutions for small to medium businesses for their internet or intranet requirements.

Our team have a design background and head for programming allowing us to provide you with the perfect ‘creative/logic’ solution.

We strive to stay on top of the ever-changing technology in our field and with experience have learnt to pick the useful from the useless.

What can Zoommm do?

Zoommm was formed out of a desire to provide cost effective ‘big business’ internet solutions for small to medium business.

We can work with your business to design, develop and deploy a total internet/intranet solution or we can provide contract skills to help round out your in-house team.

To see what we are capable of take a look at our work.

Why choose Zoommm?

There is no stronger reason than simplicity. We strive to offer the most effective solution for you, in the simplest way possible.

We know what works. Our experience has given us a great insight into what works online.

Our strategies allow you to achieve customer driven results by focusing on the user’s online experience.

We have low overheads and a small team meaning our solutions are cost effective.

Where can I find Zoommm?

Email or phone zoommmm using the details below. This allows us to deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently.

Contact Details

em: info@zoommm.com.au
ph: 0412 276 940